Business Associations

Small business associations in Australia

Australia has various small businesses and associations, not just in their country but also in various other trade groups across the world, helping boost the economy and giving a voice to their concerns and needs by banding together and forming organizations to gain influence within the government and the larger corporations in the economy. Several of these groups have stretched across the world to further aid Australia and themselves through Trade.

The Canada, Australia, and New Zealand business association is a non-profit trade group based in Vancouver. CANZBA helps small businesses in those countries connect, grow and share skills and information with one another. While it is headquartered in Canada, it does help people and businesses who want to go and break ground in all three counties in forming a business, allowing them to network and trade with one another as well as share information. CANZA also has various events and meetups with influential people in the trade and CANZBA organization to keep their members up to date on the state of the group and the status of each nation.

QANZBA- The Qatar Australia and New Zealand Business Association was formed in 2004 to help trade and business network between the countries, helping them with various aspects of business such as education and transport to create a strong business link with the three reasons. The Australian Trade commission (Austrade) is a promotional agency that trades and invests in the Middle east and North Africa, and most of their work is done in Qatar through plane flights and tourism both ways. Austrade also wishes to deal with embassies and foreign governments, and promote understanding of the benefits of Australian companies in those Foreign countries.

Small Business Association of Australia- This organization is a starting point for various small businesses that supports and teaches startup companies and individuals how to become a successful in their enterprises. Many business and sponsors support the association, giving them a high success rate as they try to get SME’s (small and medium enterprises) more recognition in the Australian government. The Association works with the government and local businesses and stakeholders to achieve this goal, and they do have high levels of influence on every level of government. This Association also has meetings and trade missions to acquire more support and discuss sustainability and education through trade in various regions of the world.

Small businesses in Australia are continuing to grow and become more united and powerful in the country and the world through these groups, and the associations are still hotspots for small startup businesses and individuals who are looking to become a startup Entrepreneur in Australia and New Zealand.