Business Mentoring

Why Consider Business Mentoring?

As a business owner, the thought of success is always at the forefront of the mind. These successes are sometimes only short-term. So, what about the long-term successes or goals one may have? That’s why every business owner should consider investing in a business mentor. This could be a lasting relationship with nothing but success for all.

So, what is a business mentor? A business mentor is a professional relationship that is developed between a mentor and a mentee. The transfer of knowledge, experience, and skills is the highlight of the business mentor and mentee relationship.

Who is a business mentor? A mentor would be an experienced business person. They would be within travelling distance and matched to the business needs that an owner may have. Sometimes a mentor is hired through a company that would supervise them. Otherwise, a mentor may be chosen by the mentee individually.

What does a mentor do? A mentor/mentee relationship is a long-term one. The focus is on the growth or development of the mentee’s company. They are a source for wisdom, teaching, and support. There is no observation or advice given on specific actions or behavioral changes in the daily work.

Other attributes include:

  • A long-range view on growth and development
  • A private relationship
  • Encouraging words
  • Assisting the owner directly

There are some things a business mentor will not do.

  • Advocate
  • Tell you how to do things
  • Give you a detailed map to success
  • Counsel you

How does one succeed with a business mentor? The first step is to invest time with the mentor chosen. Go to those meetings and create open communication. Share your goals and fears. Don’t be afraid to talk about the concerns needing to be addressed, but don’t expect specific advice. The mentor may share their struggles, as well. Listen carefully. There is always something to be learned from others in our network. Always apply the mentor’s advice and guidance. Lastly, don’t abuse the relationship. Don’t ask for political or legal advice. A mentor is all about the long-term goals of a business owner. This is not a short-term relationship with quick results.