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Employment Solicitors for Both Employers and Employees

Both employers and employees need the assistance of employment solicitors when certain state and federal laws have been violated. Hiring employment solicitors ensures that employers comply with workplace laws and employees treated fairly and squarely.

The employment-related legal processes that employment solicitors handle include:

  • Whistleblower protection
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Contract violations
  • Workplace discrimination

Employees that are not members of a union can be represented by employment solicitors. Having a legal expert in their corner enables employees to get justice out of situations brought on by illegal actions on the part of employers.

Employment Solicitors for Employees

Unlawful actions done by employers can put employees at a disadvantage. An employee needs the services of employment if he/she experiences the following situations, to include:

  • Federal or state laws to protect employees has been violated by the employer
  • Any employer retaliation, harassment, or discrimination
  • Not receiving entitled benefits as specified in your employment contract
  • Forced to sign an agreement waiving your rights as an employee
  • Illegal termination or fired from your employment

Any issues that an employee feels have placed him/her wrongfully in the workplace needs the help of an employment solicitor. Any delay in hiring an employment solicitor can prevent an employee from recovering damages or prove an employer’s illegal conduct.

Employment Solicitors for Employers

The wide variety of employment and labour issues faced by an employer needs help from an employment solicitor. The knowledge of federal and state employment laws acquired an employment solicitor enables employers to comply with those laws.

An employment solicitor is needed by an employer if faced with situations such as:

  • Collective bargaining negotiations need a legal representative such as an employment solicitor
  • You need legal representation to face charges of harassment or discrimination filed against you by an employee
  • Employment-related matters that have made an employee file a cause of action against you
  • You want changes in the current pension plan being offered, or fire or layoff a big number of employees, or stop an employee benefit

Other legal issues faced by an employer other than employer-employee issues need help from an experienced employment solicitor. Hiring the services of an employment solicitor helps prepare and review employment agreements and contracts such as employment releases, or severance contracts, or employment contracts.

Costs of Hiring an Employment Solicitor

The multiple factors directly related to the case and the employment solicitor’s expertise determines the costs. Employment solicitors generally use the following charges:

  • Flat fees when the legal issues involved are simple and straightforward. This includes legal concerns such as a power of attorney, simple wills, minor criminal charges, or an uncontested divorce.
  • Hourly rates that follow state-required hourly rates. Less experienced and smaller legal firms charge lower rates compared to large and more experienced law firms.
  • Contingency fees are fees that a lawyer receives out of the proceeds of a successful court action.

The bottom line

Employment solicitors Melbourne are both needed by employers and employees. Employers that want to comply with federal and state employment laws can do with the guiding hand of an employment solicitor. Employees, on the other hand, need legal help when it comes to protecting their best interests in any legal dispute.


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