Things to keep in mind before going for iPhone 7 screen replacement

The iPhone 7 is an impressive device known for its sophisticated features and sleek design. However, accidents might happen, often leading to broken or shattered screens. The following article will cover everything you need to know about replacing the iPhone 7 screen, from the causes of screen failure to the techniques required.

What can cause the iPhone 7 screen to break:

– Collision and Drops: The Screen of the iPhone 7 is made out of sturdy glass. However, it is not indestructible. The phone’s Screen can break or shatter due to unintentional drops, collisions, or simply putting heavy things on it. Additionally, as time passes, the glass could get weaker and thus more fragile.

– Bending and applying pressure: Excessive pressure can break the Screen on the iPhone 7. Similar to this, the phone’s Screen may become damaged if it is bent or twisted. These risks can be reduced by handling it properly and using protective cases, also known as screen protectors.

– Errors during Manufacturing: Screens can sometimes experience problems due to manufacturing faults. Dead pixels, touch sensitivity issues, and other display irregularities can fall under this category. Your iPhone 7 screen problems can be covered under warranty if they are unrelated to physical damage.

 Signs your iPhone 7 screen has to be replaced 

Knowing when to replace your iPhone 7’s Screen is very important. Here are a few common indicators:

1. Broken and shattered glass: Any apparent cracks or broken glass in your iPhone 7 indicate that a replacement is needed. These defects not only compromise functionality but also increase the danger of injury.

2. A non-operational touchscreen

When your phone’s touchscreen is unresponsive and doesn’t recognize touch inputs, it may have a cracked screen or a defective sensor. This problem is frequently solved by replacing the Screen.

3. Flaws in the display: Display problems like flickering, lines, or discolouration could indicate a broken screen. It can be replaced to restore your phone’s display to its ideal state. 

DIY Replacement Screen: 

If you choose to do it yourself, 

You must follow these instructions very carefully:

1. Gather the Required Equipment and Parts

A repair package that contains a spare screen, screwdrivers, pry tools, and adhesive is required. Make sure your desk is spotless and well-lit.

2. Backup all your data: 

Back up your iPhone 7 data before you begin the procedure to avoid data loss if the repair goes wrong.

3. Turn the Phone Off

Your iPhone 7 should be switched off and unplugged from all power sources.

4. Pull out the screws and unlock the device.

Remove the screws with the appropriate screwdriver, carefully open the device, and mark where the internal parts are positioned.

5. Remove the Battery

Disconnecting the battery is necessary to avoid electrical damage while replacing the Screen.

6. Switch out the Screen

Make sure all screws are secure before carefully removing the old Screen and installing the new one.

7. Reassemble, then test

Make sure that all screws are secure, then reassemble the gadget. Start your phone and check if the new Screen is working accurately.

Expert Screen Replacement Services

Consider hiring a professional screen replacement service if you feel uncomfortable taking the DIY route or want to rely on professional knowledge. Here’s what you can do: 

i) Do Your Research and Pick a Reputable Service: 

Look for a reliable screen replacement

service provider or Apple-certified. Read reviews online and acquire information about their warranty policies.

ii) Data backup and security: You can Back up your data on iCloud before handing over your device to the service provider, and for further security, make sure your phone is locked or has a passcode on it.

In conclusion, replacing the Screen on an iPhone 7 can be an essential yet straightforward task. To maintain the operation and look of your device, whether you go the DIY route or seek professional services, it is crucial to get the screen concerns fixed as soon as possible. Ensure you protect your iPhone 7 from harm and maintain its lifespan. PTC offers iPhone 7 screen replacement. Give them a call today.

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