When do you need a lawyer?

Legal troubles are not cut-and-dried and one-size-fits-all instances in everyone’s life. There are various forms of legal issues, all of them emotional. Some of the issues may require the help of a lawyer and some won’t.

When are the times that lawyers Gold Coast are needed? Most of the typical reasons people seek the help of lawyers include:

  • Status issues or immigration visa problems
  • Estate wills and planning
  • Personal property damage
  • Problems with taxes
  • Harassment or discrimination
  • Purchasing or selling a piece of real estate or business
  • Arrested by a police officer
  • Child custody and divorce
  • Accidents causing injuries or death

How to find out whether you need legal help or not

As mentioned, numerous factors determine whether a lawyer is needed or not. For instance, some illegal things could have already happened such as being sexually harassed and terminated after refusing the advances.

Then there are the situations where anticipation holds the key. For instance, a family park business can potentially cause some sort of injury while in the vicinity.

Setting up your own business also needs a lawyer’s help. The smartest way to know whether a lawyer is needed for your particular case is to talk to them. The kind of legal situation you currently face is the determinant for choosing the lawyer to talk to.

For example, consulting with a family lawyer is ideal when the situation is child custody and divorce. Family lawyers are well-experienced professionals when it comes to rights to assets and custody.

A criminal lawyer is needed when you inadvertently cause serious damages to persons and properties.

Times when the services of a lawyer are not needed

A lawyer will tell you if you don’t need his/her services if the situation you’re facing does not require legal action. There are situations that a lawyer will not see any reason to stretch a thin case just to charge a small fee for a client.

Car accidents, for instance, when both involved parties are insured and no bodily harm happened does not need a lawyer. So long as no one’s accusing anyone, a lawyer’s services are not needed.

Small claims case, on the other hand, is better handled by paralegals than lawyers. For example, an unpaid debt with the debtor refusing payment can be helped by a paralegal.

The legal fees charged by lawyers can be high and not an affordable option for a person with low income. However, legal services are offered by nonprofits to help people that genuinely need legal help.

When do you need to consult a lawyer?

You need to talk or consult with a lawyer if you plan to sue someone or you are about to be sued as well. Not knowing when this will all happen is not the reason for delaying the consultation with a lawyer.

For one thing, lawyers know the statutes of limitation practices in your state. Knowing where you stand on a potential case is the best way to eliminate unforeseen things from happening.

Talking to a lawyer is the best way to determine whether you are at risk for legal action or not. It’s never too early to talk to a lawyer about any potential legal repercussions you might face. Stone Group Lawyers Gold Coast would be glad to help out you.

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